SotaTek is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Ava Labs, a software provider for the Avalanche network. This partnership is poised to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology, focusing on skills development, developer collaboration, and future opportunities.

Key Highlights of the Partnership:

  1. Avalanche Blockchain Development: In this partnership, 500 developers from SotaTek will be trained on Avalanche Academy – a course designed to make developers experts on the Avalanche ecosystem, virtual machine development, and Avalanche Subnet architecture – and then later run a hackathon. Specifically, these courses aim to empower the SotaTek team to embark on innovative projects using the Avalanche platform, enhancing blockchain solutions for SotaTek’s enterprise clients.
  2. Skills Enhancement: Ava Labs will support SotaTek by providing educational resources to enhance the capabilities of SotaTek’s developer team. Developers will gain valuable insights through the Avalanche Academy. This educational program will enable developers to excel in the blockchain space, with additional collaborative activities planned.
  3. Local Collaboration: As part of our collaboration, both parties are exploring future opportunities that will contribute to the growth of blockchain technology in Vietnam.

Laura Nguyen, Ava Labs’ representative in Vietnam, shared her enthusiasm for the new partnership: “Our collaboration with SotaTek could mark a pivotal moment in accelerating blockchain growth in Southeast Asia. We are eager to empower Vietnam’s brightest minds to harness Avalanche’s latest technological advancements and build a better future.”

Tyler Luu, SotaTek’s CEO shared his perspective: “We are delighted to work with Ava Labs, a recognized leader in the blockchain space. This partnership enables us to strengthen our position in the industry and deliver cutting-edge blockchain solutions.””

Together, Ava Labs and SotaTek are committed to advancing blockchain technology, fostering innovation, and supporting developers in Vietnam and beyond. This partnership aims to pave the way for a bright future in the world of blockchain, opening doors to new possibilities and opportunities.

About SotaTek

SotaTek is a Five-star rated Software Development Company, with the largest number of Blockchain experts in Vietnam and even the Southeast area. We now have 12 offices in Vietnam, Japan, Australia, South Korea, and the US to seamlessly provide IT services for customers worldwide.  

Our IT experts have a strong base in Blockchain, Web/ App Development, CRM services, IoT, and AI & Machine Learning. After 8+ years of establishment, SotaTek is now honored to own more than 1000+ employees who are the leading IT consultants and developers in Vietnam. 

About Ava Labs

Ava Labs makes it simple to deploy high-performance solutions for Web3, led by innovations on Avalanche. The company was founded by Cornell computer scientists, who partnered with Wall Street veterans and early Web3 leaders to execute a promising vision for redefining the way people build and use open, permissionless networks. Ava Labs is redefining the way people create value with Web3.

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About Avalanche

Avalanche is a smart contracts platform built to scale infinitely and finalize transactions in under a second. Its novel consensus protocol, Subnet infrastructure, and HyperSDK toolkit enable businesses to easily launch powerful, custom blockchain solutions. Build anything you want, any way you want, on the eco-friendly blockchain designed for both Web3 devs and businesses.

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