This partnership aims to leverage existing client networks, as well as expand further to serve new clients seeking business automation services. 

[Hanoi] — [Sep 20th, 2023] – SotaTek is delighted to announce its partnership with Creatio, a global vendor of a no-code platform to automate workflows and CRM with a maximum degree of freedom. 

SotaTek is a leading SDaaS Partner, Blockchain Development and IT Consulting. With 1000+ minds, the company extends its reach across the technology and business sectors, channeling its various talents towards one goal –helping clients harness the State-of-the-art Technology. 

“We commit to providing exceptional IT services that consistently exceed customer expectations and empower digital transformation. No matter which industry you are in, we still can find a suitable solution for your business.” — Tyler Luu, Co-founder and CEO at SotaTek.  

Creatio offerings include a no-code platform (Studio Creatio), CRM applications (marketing, sales, and service), industry workflows for 20 verticals, and marketplace add-ons. Creatio is recognized as a Leader and Strong Performer in multiple Gartner and Forrester reports. Creatio products receive raving end-user reviews on peer-to-peer portals.   

“Through this partnership, Creatio aims to help more businesses unlock the potential of no-code development in workflow automation,” said Alex Donchuk, Senior Vice President, Global Channels at Creatio.  

About SotaTek 

SotaTek is a Five-star rated Software Development Company, with the largest number of Blockchain experts in Vietnam and even the Southeast area. We now have 12 offices in Vietnam, Japan, Australia, South Korea, and the US to seamlessly provide IT services for customers worldwide.  

Our IT experts have a strong base in Blockchain, Web/ App Development, CRM services, IoT, and AI & Machine Learning. After 8+ years of establishment, SotaTek is now honored to own more than 1000+ employees who are the leading IT consultants and developers in Vietnam. 

For more information, visit https://www.sotatek.com/   

About Creatio  

Creatio is a global vendor of a no-code platform to automate workflows and CRM with a maximum degree of freedom. Millions of workflows are launched on our platform daily in 100 countries by thousands of clients. Genuine care for our clients and partners is a defining part of Creatio’s DNA. 

For more information, please visit  www.creatio.com 

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