As interest floods into the NFT marketplace from all angles, SotaTek was thrilled to continue expanding our partnership network with a well-reputed Client, who decided to outsource IT to Vietnam. Through this collaboration, we have joined hands to build Pace Art – a cross-chain NFT Marketplace where users can create, exchange and earn non-fungible tokens. 

Strategic Partnership Marked The Beginnings Of Cross-chain NFT Marketplace

SotaTek’s vision was aligned with our partner in building a revolutionary market for creators to further expand the possibilities of NFT and Blockchain. Therefore, both parties were really eager and looked forward to the release day of this mutual project.

During the project time, both parties actively held several meetings to discuss, clarify requirements, then came up with the best solutions for the end-users. We built a completely open and trusted NFT Marketplace with outstanding features, such as ultra low fees, decentralized NFT lending, fractional ownership and multichain interoperability on ETH, BSC and Solana. 

Excited to see our final marketplace? Let’s check here.

About Pace Art

Pace Art is a multichain ecosystem for the creator economy. Users can earn, mint, and create their own NFT digital art. Besides, Pace Art NFT Marketplace now supports USDT and Ethereum (ETH/WETH) as payments on the platform. To create and list NFTs for free with zero cost minting, users just need to upload their artwork and sign the “listing authorization” in their crypto wallet such as MetaMask.

About SotaTek

SotaTek is a leading Blockchain Development Services with 350+ customers worldwide and 500+ successful projects. With the rich experience during 7+ years, our Blockchain experts can create a variety of Blockchain solutions, such as advanced Cryptocurrency Exchange, NFT Marketplace, Blockchain-based game, Crypto Wallet, IDO/IEO/STO Consulting, Smart Contracts… with cost-effective white-label options.

So, if you are wondering “What are the best Blockchain development companies?”, let’s contact us and we’ll assist you in breaking into the Blockchain market.

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