We are pleased to announce that Devr and Sotatek have entered into a technology collaboration and co-marketing agreement following a meeting in person at SotaTek’s office.

What to expect from this partnership?

SotaTek and Devr will partner to deliver continuous compliance solutions that enable complex federated data cooperatives for enterprise customers in any regulated industry.

Additionally, SotaTek and Devr will collaborate on co-marketing efforts to build awareness and develop educational initiatives around continuous compliance and privacy-enhancing technology solutions.

About Devr

Devr is a US-based company that focuses on Web3 Data Ecosystems. The company provides tools for enterprises to design and orchestrate data privacy, enabling rich open ecosystems for data monetization with continuous compliance. Built on web3 tools and bridging web2, Devr is driven to build industry-leading products.

Devr Technology supports multiple verticals of innovation within a single industry:

  • GDPR: Devr ensures that organizations stay within the parameters of the General Data Protection Regulation which governs the law on data protection and privacy for any business operating within and with the EU and the European Economic Area.
  • Fraud Detection: Devr’s fraud detection tool protects customer and enterprise assets, information, accounts, and transactions through batch analysis of activities by users and other defined entities. It ensures that the profile of a user is what is expected and authenticated.
  • Industry 4.0: Our tools give organizations full control of their data control by harnessing the power of industry 4.0 whilst still delivering automation and operating within next-generation data exchange ecosystems.  

About SotaTek

SotaTek is a Global SDaaS, Blockchain Development, and IT Consulting firm. Our dedicated and highly professional team strives to provide our global clients with full-stack solutions on multiple platforms, and languages in a timely manner. 

See what clients tell about us: https://clutch.co/profile/sotatek-jsc#reviews 

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