In the festive mood of New Year’s Day, SotaTek is glad to welcome Mr. Shashi – CEO of Devr, and his associates to the office and discuss strategic cooperation with us.

Devr is a US-based company that provides security-enhancing technology (built on Web3 tools) to allow individuals, teams, and businesses to share critical data securely.

SotaTek and Devr previously worked together for two years, but due to Covid-19, we could only communicate online. Then, this visit is a great chance for the two sides to strengthen our relationship.

During the meeting with Sotatek’s BOD, Mr. Shashi also stated his willingness to join SotaTek’s extensive partnership network in order to work together in the marketing and PR fields to raise brand awareness of SotaTek  & Devr.

We greatly appreciate Mr. Shashi and his team for spending time visiting our office. Wish you a successful business trip!


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