The collaboration with many large corporations has opened the path for SotaTek to connect with different global clients in various industries. Recently, we are pleased to announce strategic partnership with Fellaz thanks to Xeno Global‘s suggestion, following the success of the DeFi project.

SotaTek And Fellaz Are In The Midst of A Strategic Business Partnership

SotaTek and Fellaz had a lot in common from the beginning, such as the vision, mission, project orientation, etc. Such a mutual understanding prompted us to go further in discussing and drafting the strategic agreement. 

We will actively exchange information to resolve the problems and find out the best solutions. We commit to working together to create mutual benefits through future projects.

Now, let’s stay tuned for our groundbreaking mutual project in the near future!

About Fellaz

Fellaz is a Singapore-based multichain Web3 entertainment ecosystem. Fellaz offers the required infrastructure for web3-native entertainment, allowing web2 entertainment businesses and creators to take advantage of the metaverse and NFT technology while also catering to the needs of collectors and fans. The metaverse, decentralization, and NFT technology are some of the ideal features included in their platform.

About SotaTek

SotaTek is a leading SDaaS & Blockchain Development Company that collaborates with both large corporations and SMEs all over the world. Our clients’ industries range from Healthcare, Education, F&B to Logistics, Manufacturing, etc. With 750+ minds, we jointly research, analyze and evaluate cutting-edge technologies in the market and assist our clients in making the best decision for their company impact and progress.

Let’s see what we’ve done for our clients here!

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