As a leading Blockchain Development Service, SotaTek has rich experience working with various organizations looking for a stable Blockchain Solution. Recently, SotaTek has been pleased to continue expanding our partnership with a Hong Kong client called Xeno Global to leverage the DeFi solution

A Collaboration On DeFi Solution

SotaTek was given the opportunity to become a Technical Partner with Xeno Global, and we are thrilled to provide them with top-notch Blockchain solutions.

Regarding the agreement, SotaTek gathers a dynamic and dedicated team to assist our clients in developing a DeFi platform on Ethereum. NodeJS and ReactJS are the main tech stacks used in this project. Besides, the Decentralized Network will be hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a cloud service operated by web giant Amazon. SotaTek is sure that as an AWS Consulting Partner, we have enough experienced DevOps engineers to help our clients speed up their cloud journey.

Our joint project has just kicked off so stay tuned for the release of a game-changing DeFi solution in the near future!

About Xeno Global

Xeno Global is an investment firm that aims to successfully build wealth and create new value by investing in private equity, venture capital, real estate, and other assets (ETFs, Digital Crypto Assets).

Their goal isn’t only to make as much money as possible. Their ultimate goal is to recognize finance’s constructive role in society by making proper investments where capital is needed.  They expect that their investments will somehow bring about companies useful technology or future value, which then benefit society as a whole. Through investment, they can transform the impossible technology into possible, inspire everyone to share and enjoy new value, and move the world forward on a more positive path. Their investment concept will boost people’s lives in the long run.

During their operation, Xeno Global has had invested in various interesting projects, such as Apptest.ai (the world’s first AI-based fully autonomous app testing commercial service), Xeno NFT Hub (a decentralized NFT Marketplace for all digital items), City Labs (Second Largest Shareholder with Common Stocks), Care Labs (mobile health and beauty care platforms), etc.

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Established in 2015, SotaTek has soon become a leading IT company with enormous strength in the Blockchain category. Therefore, our world-class Blockchain experts are confident to bring you the best Blockchain solutions no matter what your requirements are. DeFi Platforms, NFT Marketplace, DEX Development, Smart Contract Deployment, IDO Launchpad,… we all can build for you. 

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