Recently, SotaTek was thrilled to welcome a representative of  CES Company - Mr. Kuramoto - to visit the Hanoi office. 

After a period of online discussion, this meeting is a valuable opportunity for SotaTek and CES to understand more about the project goals & requirements and most importantly, build a closer and stronger relationship between the 2 companies.

CES is a leading company in Japan's technical consulting & human resource development field. Their client networks spread from top-notch companies in various industries such as Toyota, Daikin, Zeon to prestigious universities including Osaka University, Hyogo University, etc.

Talking to a representative of SotaTek,  Mr. Kuramoto said that the demand for AI, IoT, and DX applications in business operations is growing rockets. Thus, he expressed his desire to find a Trusted Technology Partner to assist his customers in gaining access to advanced technology.

He believed that with the experience of executing many successful projects, SotaTek's development team will undoubtedly create many breakthrough projects.

Once again, SotaTek’s BOD would like to sincerely thank our partners for taking the time to visit the office & leave positive feedback. Hopefully, the project will be successfully developed and the two sides will cooperate for a long time in the future!

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