On May 17, 2022, the Leader Talks session with a super hot topic: “Emerging Problem in the Blockchain Industry: The Shortage of Manpower” went live with the join of Mr. Andy Nguyen - Co-founder & CTO of SotaTek JSC. The meeting also has Mr. Son Cai - Product & Engineering CEO of Navigos Group as a speaker.

In this talk, Mr. Andy and Mr. Son agreed that the blockchain industry is now “craving for” human resources, and suggested IT companies have their own training program, or remuneration policy to attract and retain talents.

Watch here: https://vnexpress.net/nganh-blockchain-tra-luong-cao-van-thieu-nhan-luc-4463180.html?fbclid=IwAR0DTgIj29qlkrREm9dzphadRVeEf3F1WkqEMSP9tja5HUExuASW92x4YIM 

Blockchain Technology is not a new term anymore, with not only tech lovers but also non-tech savvy people. With the blooming of IT enterprises, Play-to-earn Games, NFT Marketplaces, and DEX, CEX platforms, Vietnam is predicted to be the next potential blockchain hub.

Stay tuned for the next groundbreaking Blockchain projects in the near future!

About Leader Talks

The Leader Talks is within a frame of a series called CTO Summit 2022 and Top 10 IT Leaders 2022, hosted by a well-known, prestigious, and official digital newspaper for Vietnamese, VNExpress.  

This series is devoted to top-notch U35 experts in the IT industry that gained considerable achievements in leveraging innovative IT solutions into different industries and helping them drive revenue & performance. 

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