Saying goodbye to a wonderful 2023, SotaTek will bring an exciting Year End Party! Get ready, SotaTekers, because we're rocking a super cool theme this year - "Break New Ground". It's all about showing off our spirit to be a pioneer in exploring new areas and conquering new challenges. 

In line with our yearly tradition, the IC team is hosting the Year End Party to celebrate the achievements and hard work of the entire SotaTek family in 2023. This party is a chance for all of us to come together, pat ourselves on the back, and set our sights on even bigger things for the next year

Details of SotaTek Year End Party 2023 - Break New Ground

  • Venue: Trong Dong Palace, 489 Hoang Quoc Viet Street 
  • Time: 5 P.M, Jan 26th, 2024 

Here's the best part – no dress code this year! You just need to bring your awesome self, and we'll take care of everything else.

This SotaTek Year End Party promises to be a real hoot with many surprises. Keep an eye on us for the latest updates about the event!

1. What's behind the concept of SotaTek YEP 2023 - Break New Ground?

At our 2022 Year End Party, we went with the "Flame Up" theme, representing the fire elements in SotaTek's core values. This year, for the 2023 Year End Party, we decided to bring the theme "Break New Ground", inspired by the Earth element - one of our core values symbolizing stability and reliability.

The Earth element stands for stability and reliability. It shows our commitment to ensuring timely project progress and maintaining top-notch quality. “Breaking New Ground" goes beyond, expressing our pioneering spirit and showing SotaTek's determination to explore and conquer new challenges.

In 2023, we broke new ground by successfully transitioning from a Blockchain Company to an Enterprise IT Services Company. Now, 80% of our revenue comes from enterprise IT services, while in 2022, revenue from Blockchain services accounted for 70% of the company’s revenue.

With continuous successful strides in the Asian market, SotaTek proudly holds the title of the Top 1 Salesforce Consulting & Development Company in Vietnam (Clutch) and ranks as the second-best Vietnamese IT service company in Korea. But, we're not stopping here. In 2024, we're ready to "break new ground" and explore potential markets in Europe, America, and beyond. 

2. Sota Awards Revealed

The SotaTek Year End Party 2023 - Break New Ground is not just a time to celebrate our achievements, but also a chance for our BOD to recognize and honor the outstanding individuals and teams who made significant contributions. Let's see what this year's Sota Awards has!!

a. Promising SotaTeker of the Year (16 awards)

Don't miss out on this year's Sota Awards to see which 16 exceptional talents will receive the “Promising SotaTeker of the Year” award. This recognition is specifically for SotaTekers who show great potential, rapidly enhance their skills, consistently meet KPIs and bring a collaborative spirit.


b. Dedicated SotaTeker of the Year (10 awards)

The Dedicated SotaTeker of the Year Award celebrates 10 outstanding SotaTekers who have positively impacted revenue growth, enhanced project quality and brought essential certifications such as ISO and CMMi to the company.


c. Excellent Intern of the Year (1 award)

Beyond recognizing our regular employees, the Sota Awards also have one special award for the best intern. The “Excellent Intern of the Year” award is a way to appreciate his/her valuable contributions to the company over the past year. It's given to an intern who shows great potential, learns quickly, and contributes creative ideas to projects. 


d. SotaTeker of the Year (1 award)

The SotaTeker of the Year Award recognizes individuals with exceptional capabilities, reaching KPIs and bringing innovative ideas to their work that meet strict customer requirements. A positive attitude and an inspirational spirit are also key factors in selecting the SotaTeker of the Year.


e. Dream Team of the Year (5 awards)

With 5 'Dream Team of the Year' awards, we aim to honor teams that have made significant contributions to the company. For production teams, we consider project quality, timely completion, and the ability to meet customer requirements. For Support/BO teams, their evaluation is based on positive feedback in developing and operating support processes, along with continuous optimization and system improvement.


f. Excellent team of the year (2 awards)

The Excellent Team of the Year award will be given to 2 teams that achieved remarkable results in 2023. 

For production teams, we'll consider project quality, innovative ideas, and technological breakthroughs they have done in projects.

For support/BO teams, those receiving positive feedback for creative ideas to enhance productivity within budget constraints stand a chance to be recognized as the Excellent Team of the Year.



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