With six years of experience in this industry, SotaTek is working with great potential and passion for delivering software development services that include blockchain, web/app, machine learning & AI, and ERP solutions. Headquartered in Vietnam, SotaTek has 2 other offices globally, placed in the United States and Japan. The firm is a part of Sota Holding, a software development, IT outsourcing & consulting firm headquartered in Vietnam. SotaTek has focused on delivering sustainable services since its establishment in 2015 with a team of 500+ talented team members who work with deep expertise to provide the best services. SotaTek has served clients from 20+ nations worldwide, who mainly belong to the EU, UK, US & NA, ANZ, and Asia. Plus, they have offered 350+ projects to various niches.

The GoodFirms team interviewed Tommy Le, Founder & Chairman of SotaTek, who shared abundant data about his firm. In the interview, the first thing Tommy shared was that before starting SotaTek, he had ten years of experience as a business unit director of FPT software which is considered one of the top IT companies. Sharing his entrepreneurial journey, Tommy quoted, “My entrepreneurial journey is filled with ups and downs.” After dedicatedly working at FPT for 18 years, he realized Vietnam is behind in terms of the software outsourcing industry. Hence, he decided to find a new way for this. Seven members founded SotaTek to improve Vietnam’s IT sector and bring it on the global IT map. This step taken by Tommy has led Vietnam to proliferate and become highly competitive in the market to offer the best digital marketing transformation solutions. Soon, as the industry started progressing, Tommy was confident that his firm SotaTek would reach milestones in the digital business.

SotaTek is a top software development company in Vietnam delivering `full-cycle of services for clients to help them achieve an excellent market position. SotaTek follows the below-mentioned processes to carry out the software development life-cycle:

  1. Planning
  2. Designing
  3. Defining
  4. Building
  5. Testing
  6. Deployment
  7. Maintenance

The team of top blockchain developers leverages their technical expertise and knowledge to deliver software development services. SotaTek is different from other software development companies because its approach is to understanding and providing services is unique. Moreover, the team professionals at this firm have over two decades of experience in the ITO industry, which makes them deliver supreme services. The team is so highly talented that it can effortlessly turn client ideas into actual products. The team works with a visionary approach to meet the highest standards and deliver professional services to every niche.

Eric Gonzalez, Chief Executive Officer at Flourishing Capital was satisfied with SotaTek’s software development services. His review can be read below.Eric Gonzalez, Chief Executive Officer at Flourishing Capital

SotaTek delivers software solutions to ease clients’ business operations.  Because the firm consists of highly proficient staff in Japanese and English, they can fathom what clients want precisely and offer them the right services. All these qualities qualify SotaTek amongst the top software development companies in Vietnam at GoodFirms.

Similar to software development, the team of SotaTek holds expertise in blockchain development services. With blockchain developer expertise, SotaTek can offer clients several blockchain-related services such as  Crypto Exchange Development, NFT Game Development, DEX Development, innovative Smart Contract Development, and more. To deliver the best services, the firm follows strict industry practices and quality measures. Plus, they also make sure that the quality measure complies with ISO 27001:2013. SotaTek caters to various industries like media & entertainment, healthcare, education, retail & hospitality, and the automotive industry. As an expert in this area, SotaTek offers next-gen blockchain solutions to offer clients blockchain features like transparency, security, efficiency, and trust.

With blockchain, SotaTek has taken their clients’ businesses to a whole new level. Promising clients with the best return on investment on their services they offer smart blockchain services. SotaTek has always prioritized reliability, customization, and efficiency at work to provide clients with guaranteed services. For SotaTek, clients’ satisfaction is crucially important, and they do this by continually conducting surveys and discussions. With blockchain, the firm helps clients eliminate third-party costs and pave the way for them to create revenue and infrastructure models.

The professional blockchain developers go beyond boundaries to deliver services for clients and help them in record-keeping through this decentralized ledger. Plus, by ensuring secure and authentic data record-keeping, they have earned various clients’ trust. When signing a contract with SotaTek, the clients need not worry about the project’s up-to-date pricing. All these factors are taken care of by the SotaTek team.

Thus, for ensuring clients’ satisfaction with blockchain services, SotaTek is on GoodFirms radar as one of the top blockchain development companies in the USA at GoodFirms.

The excerpt from the interview has said a lot about SotaTek & its Founder Tommy Le, but to read his detailed interview, click on this link.

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