SotaTek Corporation is pleased to announce its sales and solution partnership with innovative Singapore tech company Morpheus Labs, proudly established with a vision to build pioneering digital ecosystems for clients. SotaTek and Morpheus Labs joined forces in an MoU agreement on collaboration for cross-selling, joint-marketing technology development. SotaTek will represent as a development partner of Morpheus Labs with expertise in Blockchain developments, white-label solutions, and dedicated resource hiring.

The partnership intends to explore the strengths and capabilities of both companies to create unique solutions, combining blockchain and associated technologies in ways that increase business value for clients.

Tuyen Luu, CEO of SotaTek, said: “We are delighted to come together with Morpheus Labs on our upcoming projects. With our proven expertise and scalable IT talents, we are confident to assist our partners and grow towards our common goals.’

We are pleased to work with SotaTek as they have vast experience and industry expertise in creating valuable enterprise solutions, helping the clients in Vietnam within their business network with digital transformation and business implementation. As part of its services to cater to enterprise customers, Morpheus Labs is strengthening its ties with a network of renowned consultants and partners from across various industries to support large-scale and complex projects, for example, in the sector of Financial Services.” — Chuang Pei Han, CEO at Morpheus Labs.

Morpheus Labs has upgraded the Morpheus Labs SEED platform with enhanced powerful features where enterprises could connect its blockchain network externally, equipping enterprises and developers to build solutions with use case references and utilize integrated platform services to make complex applications into viable businesses with ease. Learn more about Morpheus Labs SEED here.

Morpheus Labs SEED platform is being used by companies around the world to speed up their Proof of Concept processes, allowing partners to contribute their solutions, streamline and improve business procedures, so they can focus on higher-value work, as well as create innovation value for the future.

About SotaTek Corporation

SotaTek is a part of Sota Holdings, a global Software Development as a Service (SDaaS), IT Outsourcing; Consulting group headquartered in Vietnam. They deliver sustainable Software Development, including Web/App Development, Blockchain, AI; Machine Learning, ERP with cost-effective solutions. They have successfully provided full-cycle IT services to our client network from 21 nations worldwide, with 350+ projects, and are expanding rapidly. Learn more about us: https://whitelabel.sotatek.com/

About Morpheus Labs

Morpheus Labs is a Singapore-based blockchain-platform-as-a-service provider offering the most powerful tools, scalable infrastructure and ready-to-use solution templates for enterprises and blockchain developers on the multi-cloud capability to build, deploy and manage innovative applications with cost and time efficiencies.

Headquartered in Singapore, the team at Morpheus Labs has created Morpheus Labs SEED (Solution Environment for Enterprise Development), where the technological capabilities enable users to develop and spin up multiple blockchains within a 5-minute timeframe. Morpheus Labs is the only end-to-end blockchain platform and app marketplace with a variety of active blockchain partners whose vision and goal are to find solutions to problems hindering mass adoption.

The platform offers a multitude of intuitive solutions that enables developers and enterprises alike to take advantage of its platform to build effective solutions for various use cases.

Refer to https://docs.morpheuslabs.io for further information about Morpheus Labs SEED.

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