Yesterday (April 17), the cooperation signing ceremony between SotaTek and Devr took place successfully. The two companies will be collaborating to develop technology and launch new software products.

Devr is a US-based Company focused on the Web3 Data Ecosystem. The company provides various tools for businesses to design and streamline data privacy, enabling open ecosystems to monetize data with continuous compliance.

SotaTek and Devr representatives

Mr. Tommy Le (left side) and Mr. Shashi (right side)

During the signing ceremony, representatives from both sides were present, including:

  • Mr. Shashi – CEO of Devr
  • Mr. Tommy Le – Chairman of SotaTek
  • Mr. Harry Vu – Sales Director of SotaTek

The representatives agreed to jointly develop a detailed cooperation plan to effectively exploit the resources and advantages of the two sides to achieve their set goals.

Let’s look forward to the cooperation projects between SotaTek and Devr in the future!

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