In Japan, there are quite a lot of entrepreneurs who own some businesses at the same time. And today, SotaTek has the opportunity to welcome such an entrepreneur to visit our office. The guest is Mr. Yasufumi Shikama, the CEO of Orlab., Ltd. and also the Executive Director of Media Bridge.

Going to Vietnam for the third time with the desire to find companies that are outsourcing partners and find a startup to invest in, he shared his experience that his biggest concern is the communication problem between working between the two parties because his company also had an offshore partner but because the communication gap is too big, making the joint development failed.

However, listening the SotaTek's answers on how to work effectively with our partners and customers makes him feel more secure. Shikama also expressed that he was impressed with the development of SotaTek. Hopefully, what you have witnessed in the ability and people of SotaTek today will make your worries lessen and a new door will open for cooperation between the two.

cooperation with Shikama

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