Recognizing the need for a streamlined approach to internal processes, we are thrilled to announce that the Sota App, specifically designed for SotaTek internal staff is now live.

Sota App is all about making life easier for our team. It includes 4 main functions: tracking attendance, handling annual leave requests, managing overtime, and receiving company announcements such as internal events, etc. With these essentials covered, the Sota App is set to save time for SotaTekers. 

​​1. Attendance Tracking

The Sota App provides a user-friendly interface that allows our staff to track log-in and log-out times. This digital system ensures accurate attendance records without the usual errors of traditional methods. This not only guarantees precision in payroll processing but also gives our employees more time to focus on their main tasks. 

2. Annual Leave Requests Checking

Now, employees can submit their leave requests directly through the app, ditching paperwork and long approval processes. Managers can swiftly review and approve requests, creating a transparent communication channel. This feature makes leave management a breeze and adds to a more agile and responsive work environment. 

3. Overtime Management

The Sota App makes tracking over time easier with its user-friendly features. Employees can log their extra hours, and managers can quickly review and approve them. This guarantees precise compensation for added efforts, promoting a culture of fairness and recognition. Plus, the app's real-time tracking offers an instant look at overtime charts, helping with resource allocation and project planning. 

4. Receiving Company Announcements

No need to constantly check your emails or worry about missing updates. The Sota App ensures you receive real-time notifications for company announcements. With this app, you now have a direct channel to receive timely updates on internal events, crucial information, and any changes in rules or policies.

Sota App is now available for both IOS and Android. Let’s download the Sota App and share your thoughts with us. We value your opinions and welcome suggestions to enhance the app.


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