The Blockchain term may cause everyone to think immediately of cryptocurrency used for finance or investment purposes. However, the partnership between SotaTek and KGF will change your minds when we have worked together to build a Blockchain platform serving the community.

What to Expect from the Partnership?

This collaboration enables us to build a strong community of stakeholders to help manage fundraising for volunteers, developers, nonprofits, and NGOs that are actively working on or establishing projects to address the world's social needs.

The project kicked off by developing SRX Token on Binance Smart Chain. The next phases will be ongoing. 

Stay tuned for our release date and see what we’ll create for the community!

About Social Relief Blockchain (SRX)

SRX is the first-of-its-kind community that supports the management of fundraising for volunteers, developers, and nonprofits seeking to provide social relief. The mission of SRX can be expressed in the acronym "F.I.S.H" which stands for "Feed the Hungry, Imitate Authentic Love, Save the Lost, and Heal the Sick."

Through the community-driven social relief blockchain, we can accomplish the following: 

  • Ensure fair distribution of funds to issues around the world. 
  • Ensure correct use of funds. 
  • Ensure tomorrow is better than today.

For more information: 

Mail: info@srxchain.org

Website: srxchain.org 

About SotaTek 

With 1000+ technology engineers, over the past 7 years, SotaTek has cooperated with 25 countries and successfully implemented 500+ projects for global customers. Currently, SotaTek owns the largest Blockchain development workforce in Southeast Asia. We believe that, with our technology capabilities, SotaTek will be a reliable companion and a trusted partner to bring the most perfect and optimal solutions for your business.

Learn more about SotaTek Blockchain projects here.

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