SotaTek and NAL share the same business characteristics, which we can even call " brothers".
Blockchain Partnership

The first common point between the two companies is that they are all built from scratch by the founders who were classmates. Not only similar at the starting point, but they also have the same steps later on in the way of development. Starting with the two bare hands, no money, no experience then they made their way hungry and foolish. In both parties, it is not all founders on board from the first stage. Some of them were working in other places to be able to support themselves and raise the company to survive in the difficult times. Then each time at the tipping point when their company reached a new level of development with a new business opening, they followed the call of others to "come back home" and fully dedicated themselves to their companies.

Maybe because of the same context, their way of thinking is very similar in the planning and piloting of their businesses. Both companies are seeking new ways to explore innovative areas of business development. Willing to invest in new technologies, setting up new companies to run new business ventures. Maybe that's why they run into each other through blockchain technology, a technology of the future.

But we will not talk about the past or future, we come back to the story of the present. Now they are working together on a joint project. Code together and selfie together as we see in the photo.

Hopefully, their partnership will last long as the road to Everest.



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