SotaTek is honored to welcome Bibox Exchange – a leading global digital asset trading platform – to join our partnership network. The entire SotaTek team is excited to have Bibox along with us on the journey of conquering the technology peak in the Blockchain and crypto field.

The Collaboration between SotaTek and Bibox Exchange

We met Bibox’s representative at Vietnam Blockchain Summit 2022 and had the golden chance to connect, share, and introduce our services. 

SotaTek and Bibox representatives at Vietnam Blockchain Summit 2022

SotaTek and Bibox representatives at Vietnam Blockchain Summit 2022

After exchanging discussions, SotaTek and Bibox reached a strategic agreement to support each other in the future. SotaTek will act as a reliable Tech Partner, upgrading existing Bibox trading platforms with cutting-edge technology and assisting them with other Blockchain & Custom Software Development projects!

We are looking forward to an effective partnership and long-term commitment!

About Bibox

Bibox Exchange is one of the leading global digital asset trading platforms with offices in Singapore, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, India, Dubai, Indonesia, and Estonia.

Launched in November 2017, Bibox is widely recognized as the world’s first artificial intelligence digital asset trading platform. Bibox offers support for 150+ coins and 250+ various trading pairs and has more than 3 million registered users worldwide. The exchange’s services include super star, stacking, sale campaign, spot trading, margin trading, contract trading, asset custody, quantitative trading, grid trading, and more.

About SotaTek

SotaTek is a Top Blockchain Development Company that owns the largest Blockchain resources in APAC. With 1000+ in-house employees, over the past 7+ years, SotaTek has cooperated with 25 countries and successfully implemented 500+ projects for global customers.

We focus on leveraging the latest technologies with cost-optimization to support partners in all industries such as Health, Manufacturing, Education, Retail, Logistics, Energy,… We believe that, with our technology capabilities, SotaTek will be a reliable companion and a trusted partner to bring the most optimal solutions for your business.

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