Recently, two SotaTek Japan representatives, Mr. Daniel Vu – SotaTek Japan’s CEO, and Mr. Huy Nguyen – Sales Manager had the opportunity to meet Mr. Kobayashi Shigeki, State Minister of the Environment & State Minister of the Cabinet Office. 

During the meeting, we had the privilege of showcasing SotaTek’s software development services, highlighting our extensive project portfolio and technological capabilities. Mr. Kobayashi also expressed a keen interest in our services and expressed his desire to connect SotaTek with other technology-driven businesses seeking digital transformation solutions.

We also discussed more about the application of cutting-edge technologies in various crucial aspects, including environmental concerns, healthcare, education, and more. Additionally, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Japanese businesses was assessed, with insights shared on how technology can play a pivotal role in overcoming challenges.

Once again, SotaTek’s Board of Directors would like to express sincere gratitude to Mr. Kobayashi for sparing his valuable time to engage in productive discussions with us. We look forward to supporting Japanese businesses in achieving robust growth through digital transformation!

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