Vietnam has identified Technology as the foundation for national socio-economic development and advancement to achieve global standards. As a result, the country has been highly committed to support and celebrate outstanding Technology Companies and Innovations.

The Sao Khue Award was initiated and organized by the Vietnam Association for Software and IT Services (VINASA) in 2003. The award has been considered the most prestigious and highly recognized award for IT Solution Providers and Software Development Enterprises in Vietnam. In the past 17 years, the Sao Khue title has been given to 841 outstanding products, services, and solutions from Vietnam.

The Sao Khue Award Ceremony is held annually to serve as an award presentation to top software developers and provide a provocative and conducive environment for companies to showcase their innovations and exchange ideas. Sao Khue Award aims to behold these following missions:

1. Advocate and Encourage Innovation

Continuous innovations lie at the heart of optimizing resources and increasing efficiency, which act as the keys to fast-paced economic growth. The Sao Khue award is established with the primary goal to acknowledge, promote and inspire innovation.
The awards serve as an initiative for even further advancements in the future.

2. Acknowledge and Appreciate the Outstanding Organization

VINASA, as the organizer, is dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the most outstanding and innovative organizations, as well as individuals who have made significant contributions to the IT industry. The Sao Khue Awards serve as tokens of appreciation.

3. Celebrate New Milestones in the National IT Industry

The annual Sao Khue Award Ceremony is when VINASA, together with all the invited corporations, takes time to look back and appreciate how far we have advanced in the journey of technological development. As top-performers are called out and awarded, we all celebrate the milestones reached in the past year.

Sao Khue Awards Voting Sectors

The Sao Khue Award Winners are chosen by a highly accredited panel of judges, consisting of top managers and professionals from various IT sectors. There are several criteria to be taken into account during the judging process, including but not limited to efficiency, popularity, competitiveness, and excellent quality. The Sao Khue awards ceremony has been home to some notable winners in the following categories:

● Artificial Intelligence
● Robotic Process Automation
● Blockchain
● Virtual Reality
● Internet of Things
● Big Data

This year, SotaTek has been honored to be nominated and competed for the Sao Khue Award 2021 in the Software Development and IT Outsourcing Sector.

After six years since the first day in 2015, SotaTek has successfully provided high-quality IT solutions to over 250 enterprises across 21 different countries. Our team of over 350 IT experts is proud to offer advanced products and customer-centric services.

Look forward to supporting SotaTek JSC and hundreds of other top IT Companies at the Sao Khue Award 2021, held on 24th April 2021.

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