2022 will mark SOTATEK JSC’s 7th year anniversary in the industry. Since 2015, we’ve been providing cutting-edge technologies ranging from Software Development, Blockchain Technology, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and more. Throughout the years, we’ve had the honor of working on numerous projects for companies of all sizes — and because of them that we’re here today.

In honor of our partners’ support, our team is going to take a moment to pay tribute and share with you our Clutch 2021 Year In Review!

To help you get up to speed, Clutch is a B2B review and market research platform designed to connect browsers with the right solutions providers. The site sees millions of users that want to learn more about the IT, design, development, creative, marketing, and business services spaces. In their latest Year In Review, SOTATEK JSC’s dedication shines through thanks to the gracious reviews given by our clients.

Our team earned several reviews that garnered an average of 5 out of 5 stars and perfect NPS scores. When leaving a review, clients are given the opportunity to rate their experience based on 5 key metrics, one of them being the NPS score which determines a clients’ willingness to refer to the vendor. 

SotaTek receives several positive reviews from our worldwide clients.

SotaTek receives several positive reviews from our worldwide clients.

Thanks to their outstanding reviews about our work, SOTATEK JSC was hailed as one of Hong Kong’s best app developers on Clutch last year!

Check out what they have to say about our team and services!

“I would say that becoming a partner with SOTATEK is the wisest decision we ever made. They are 100% customer-oriented. In the course of the project, the SOTATEK team offers us experts experienced in specific industries, focusing on IT Consulting and Strategy to help us solve the challenges. I really appreciated their customer-centric strategies and dedicated efforts.” — Marketing Manager, Newwave Solutions JSC.

“When working with SOTATEK, timing and efficiency were never my concerns as they were always ahead of the schedules with all the tasks. Any requested change from our team was quickly adopted, which I highly appreciated as a client. SOTATEK has become our trusted agency for many later IT projects.” — Product Line Director, Ekoios Technology.

A review on Clutch from our client

A review on Clutch from our client.

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