SotaTek Korea is gearing up to present an exclusive seminar focused on the burgeoning landscape of IT outsourcing titled ‘Emerging Powerhouse in IT Outsourcing – Vietnam’. This pioneering event will take place in Seoul, Korea on December 4th, promising an insightful exploration into the future of the industry.

In today’s tech-driven business world, the decision between in-house development and outsourcing remains a paramount challenge for entrepreneurs, especially within the realms of Web2 and Web3. The seminar aims to unravel this dilemma by delving deep into the critical aspects and advantages of IT outsourcing. The challenges associated with operating an in-house development team in the current market, including a dearth of domestic IT talent, high turnover rates, and escalating labor costs, will be thoroughly dissected.

SotaTek, headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam, stands tall as a beacon in the realm of IT services through its transformative digital solutions. Renowned for guiding businesses towards resounding success, SotaTek boasts representative offices not just in Korea but also in key global territories including the United States, Japan, and Australia. Their unwavering support extends across major markets like the Americas, Europe, the UK, ANZ, and Asia.

This landmark event is set to cover a diverse spectrum of topics essential to comprehend the dynamics of IT outsourcing. Encompassing subjects ranging from illuminating insights into Vietnam’s IT companies to an in-depth exploration of IT outsourcing services, the seminar will also feature an introduction to SotaTek, shedding light on its development strategies and operating models. Additionally, the event will delve into cutting-edge domains such as IoT, Blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence outsourcing services, and the pivotal role of product management consulting.

Key Event Details:

  • Event: Emerging Powerhouse in IT Outsourcing – Vietnam
  • Date: December 4th, 2023 (Monday) | 14:30-17:00
  • Location: COEX Startup Branch (A01, 2nd floor, 513 Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul)

Seminar Topics:

  • Vietnam IT companies
  • IT outsourcing services
  • Introduction to SotaTek, its development, and operating model
  • IoT
  • Blockchain
  • Big data and artificial intelligence outsourcing services
  • Product management consulting


  • Hosted by: SotaTek Korea
  • Organized by: Blockchain Today

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"Emerging Powerhouse in IT Outsourcing – Vietnam" Seminar

“Emerging Powerhouse in IT Outsourcing – Vietnam” Seminar

Distinguished Guest Speakers to Illuminate the Event’s Discourse

The upcoming seminar on ‘Emerging Powerhouse in IT Outsourcing – Vietnam’ is not just an exploration but an assembly of brilliant minds shaping the future of technology. Our event is honored to welcome an array of esteemed guest speakers who are luminaries in their respective domains, ready to ignite thought-provoking discussions and share invaluable insights.

Among these illustrious figures, two keynote speakers stand out, each bringing a wealth of expertise and groundbreaking insights to the forefront:

Professor Park Soo-il – Vice President of Korea AI Association – CEO of NSTK Consulting

Professor Park Soo-il is a luminary in the realm of Artificial Intelligence, currently serving as the Vice President of the prestigious Korea AI Association. His influential leadership within the association underscores his pivotal role in shaping the future landscape of AI in Korea. Professor Park actively spearheads initiatives that contribute to the advancement and evolution of AI technologies, wielding significant influence in policy-making and strategic planning within the industry.

His illustrious journey comprises notable positions, including roles as a Virtual Reality Lab Researcher at the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, CEO of VR Topia Co., Ltd., Research Fellow at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information, and lecturer at Hongik University Business School. Currently, as the CEO of NSTK Consulting and the Planning Director of the Korea Artificial Intelligence Association, Professor Park remains a driving force in SMC consulting, policy planning, and AI-related projects.

Mr. Curtis Kim (CEO and Founder of AMAP Company)

Mr. Curtis Kim, the CEO and Founder of AMAP Company, brings over 27 years of rich experience in software development and business strategy alignment. His illustrious career encompasses pivotal leadership roles at globally recognized companies, marking him as a seasoned software development executive with profound expertise.

Having served as the Executive Vice President of Hanwha Vision, Head of digital innovation at Amazon, Vice President Of Engineering at SK Holdings C&C, and Senior Manager at Google, Mr. Kim boasts extensive proficiency in diverse technological domains such as Big Data, IoT, Vision AI, Blockchain, and Cloud-native application development on MSA (microservice architecture). His exceptional organizational and technical leadership has significantly contributed to architecting, developing, and testing software products and services, establishing him as a distinguished figure in the industry.

The presence of these influential speakers promises to elevate our seminar by delivering unmatched expertise, profound insights, and thought-provoking discussions that will undoubtedly enrich the event’s discourse on the future of IT outsourcing and technological advancements.

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This remarkable event spearheaded by SotaTek Korea promises to be an insightful immersion into the realm of IT outsourcing, offering attendees an unparalleled opportunity to delve into the future of the industry and explore the transformative potential of emerging technologies.

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