Last week, SotaTek representatives set up a face-to-face meeting with the Cardano Foundation VP of Engineering, Mel McCann, to in-depth discuss the blockchain industry and what the future looks like for the space.

A Face-to-face Meeting Between SotaTek and the Cardano Foundation 

We were particularly looking forward to this meeting as it was the first time we had ever met a representative from the Cardano Foundation in person.

A Face-to-face Meeting Between SotaTek and the Cardano Foundation 

A Face-to-face Meeting Between SotaTek and the Cardano Foundation's VP of Engineering

At this meeting, we shared lots of valuable information related to the tech field, project ideas, and even the culture & attractive spots in Vietnam. In addition, the SotaTek sales team introduced our first-class IT services, from analysis to development to maintenance. Many notable projects (including Blockchain Platform, NFT marketplace, DEX, and custom software) were also discussed. What a memorable meeting! 

We hope we have the chance to work on a mutual project in the near future. Watch this space!

About the Cardano Foundation

The Cardano Foundation is an independent Swiss-based Foundation that oversees and supervises the advancement of Cardano. It is the steward of the Cardano brand and works with IOHK and EMURGO to ensure that Cardano is being developed and promoted as a secure, transparent, and accountable solution for positive global change. The Cardano Foundation sets the direction for decentralized economic empowerment, working with regulators in different jurisdictions to shape blockchain legislation and commercial standards, while also empowering the Cardano community to leverage the Cardano protocol to solve real-life problems.

About SotaTek 

SotaTek is a global Software Development as a Service (SDaaS) & IT Consulting group with operations in Vietnam, the US, Australia, and Japan. SotaTek stands for “State-of-the-art Technology”, which expresses our mission to deliver the best and the most innovative solutions to each client.

With the ultimate goal of assisting you in realizing your full potential, we provide industry professionals (e.g., healthcare, finance, education, retail, etc.) who focus on IT Consulting and Strategy to address problems. 350+ projects of various sizes have been successfully launched!

So, if you're searching for a Technical Partnership, drop us a message to go onboard!

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