SotaTek is thrilled to announce our partnership with APAC DAO to jointly bring best-in-class IT outsourcing services for Web3 builders in Asia.

With the quality network and experience in hosting tech events series, APAC DAO will help Sotatek expand our market in APAC, by connecting us with the most potential blockchain projects. Meanwhile, SotaTek, as a strategic partner, will help APAC DAO members’ projects develop applications more easily, efficiently, and cost-effectively.


APAC DAO is a community-based web3 initiative that structures and powers the journey to web3 for members. We are now an ever-growing group of 1200+ members in 15+ APAC countries & 500+ web3 projects & 4M+ blockchain enthusiasts through members’ communities. We aspire to leverage this powerful network to educate, crowdsource, and support high-quality projects in a DAO-governing model – unbiased, transparent, and incentive-based to drive the most values for our community.

About SotaTek

SotaTek is a leading Blockchain Development Company that owns the largest Blockchain resources in APAC. With 1000+ in-house employees, over the past 7+ years, SotaTek has cooperated with 25 countries and successfully implemented 500+ projects for global customers.

We focus on leveraging the latest technologies with cost-optimization to support partners in all industries such as Health, Manufacturing, Education, Retail, Logistics, and Energy,… We believe that, with our technology capabilities, SotaTek will be a reliable companion and a trusted partner to bring the most optimal solutions for your business.

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