On May 22, the Seoul FinTech & Blockchain 2023 event organized by Blockchain Today - one of the largest media companies in Korea - took place successfully at COEX Startup Branch.

In the wake of the FinTech and Web 3.0 boom, Seoul FinTech & Blockchain 2023 was established to nurture Blockchain projects. Alongside showcasing innovative project ideas, the event provided valuable networking opportunities for businesses to foster collaborations.

During the event, Mr. Shin Hyeon Min - Project Manager of SotaTek Korea, delivered a compelling presentation on Blockchain potentials and its use cases with SotaTek expertise. With a portfolio of successful Blockchain projects, Mr. Shin Hyeon Min's demonstration captivated the audience and left a strong impression on all attendees.

Through this event, SotaTek seeks to connect with like-minded businesses and overcome the challenges of the "Crypto winter" period.


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