With the expansion of Blockchain, NFT, and Metaverse,… many global businesses have been looking for a Technical Partner to leverage those cutting-edge technologies into their operations. As a leading Blockchain Development Company in Vietnam, SotaTek has a strong network and has collaborated with various global clients. Recently, we are delighted to welcome Dvision Network to join our partnership network!

SotaTek and Dvision Network Worked On a Mutual Blockchain Project

Dvision Network reached out to SotaTek and expressed their desire to provide a blockchain-based NFT metaverse where users can feel free to create avatars, trade NFTs, and browse in the virtual space. Highly excited about their prospects, SotaTek immediately signed a strategic agreement with them.

Our collaboration has kicked off for a while, and we have launched a multichain metaverse platform based on the Ethereum Network and the Binance Smart Chain. However, as a Technical Partner, SotaTek continues to support and strengthen the Dvision Network ecosystem by integrating additional technologies into their platform.

Let’s discover our project and stay tuned to find out more about what we’re building together!

About Dvision Network

Dvision Network is a multichain metaverse platform powered by the DVI utility and governance token across all platform pillars. NFT Marketplace, Meta-Space, and Meta-City are the three key platform pillars of Dvision. 

Here, users can utilize LANDs (Meta-Space) to create their own content, as well as buy and sell all NFTs that are available in the Dvision Metaverse, such as LAND, AVATAR, PET, ITEM, and other in-game unique NFT assets.

However, users must first create their own personalized AVATARs (unique identifier NFT characters) and then enter the main lobby named “Dvision World” to gain access to the Dvision Metaverse. The Dvision World is the metaverse’s primary lobby, connecting all existing Meta-Cities. It’s a portal and a public open world that allows users to navigate themselves to the city they wish to spend their time in, as well as access and buy LAND.

About SotaTek 

SotaTek is a global Software Development as a Service (SDaaS) & IT Consulting group with 8 international offices in Vietnam, the US, Australia & Japan. As the abbreviation of its name – “State-of-the-art Technology”, we commit to bringing the most innovative Tech solutions to our clients, assisting them in their efforts of digital transformation. 

During 6+ years of development, our 750+ in-house employees have delivered full-cycle IT services for clients from 20+ nations worldwide, with 350+ projects in various industries, such as Finance, Health Care, Retail, Real Estate, Education, etc.

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