Sota Holdings is a global Software Development as a Service (SDaaS), IT Outsourcing & Consulting group headquartered in Vietnam. The establishment of the Sota Holdings Technology Ecosystem promotes innovation, adaptability to change, and access to cutting-edge technology while emphasizing time and cost optimization. With these principles, Sota Holdings is expanding to fulfill its mission of assisting global clients in adopting the most advanced technologies. Till 2023, Sota Holdings corporate group includes 7 subsidiaries: SotaTek, SotaLabs, SotaNext, SotaICG, DopikAI, Sota Solutions and BEESOTA6G Alliance.

Sota Holdings

Sota Holdings

SotaTek: Owning a strong workforce of up to 1200 staff, including 750+ seasoned developers, SotaTek, the largest part of Sota Holdings, is in charge of connecting, consulting, and developing software for businesses. SotaTek specializes in Web/App/Game Development, Blockchain, AI & Machine Learning, ERP & CRM, IoT/Embedded, and Cloud Solutions with success guaranteed. SotaTek is  are honored to be a Trusted Tech Partner of top companies in various industries: Healthcare, Education, Finance, Insurance, Law, etc. Here are some giant firms that the company hasve worked with: The Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training, Klaytn Foundation (Korea), HWG Bank (Malaysia), Kyber Network (Singapore), and Cardano (Switzerland), etc.

Sota Solutions: A business focuses on full-packaged ERP and CRM Solutions for SMEs and corporate. Led by an innovative founder with 20+ years of experience in the Software Development industry, Sota Solutions aims to provide optimal CRM solutions and create long-term values for worldwide clients working in various industries. The company has so far built, maintained, and developed sustainable relationships with every client they have collaborated with.

SotaICG: Established in 2020, Sotaicg is leveraged for AI applications in the Oil & Gas industry. Sotaicg’s full name is Sotatek Intellectual Connection Group Joint Stock Company, led by a team of oil and gas industry leading experts in the oil and gas field. The core team members have participated in many projects of domestic and foreign oil and gas companies such as ENI, Rosneft, Repsol, Cuu Long Joc, Vietsovpetro, and Vietgazprom, Total, Talisman…

SotaNext: SotaNext is a Technology Company with massive experience in Blockchain solutions, collaborating with business partners to create innovative products across the globe. The company has not only in-depth technical know-how but also a strong network to keep up with the latest trends in this fast-changing industry. Its vision is to become a company with strong product creation capability and a trusted partner to our customers to achieve great success together.

SotaLabs: SotaLabs is the branch responsible for R&D, aiming to research and bring the latest technologies to adopt in Sota Holdings projects. SotaLabs was opened with the intention of assisting partners and clients in finding the ideal solution quickly, increasing productivity while still achieving significant cost savings. SotaLabs is a location to create innovative goods and services that have the potential to be huge market breakthroughs in addition to its role in research.

DopikAI: Established 2019, DopikAI is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company specializing in providing digital conversion solutions in the field of image processing, computer vision, NLP, and big data, helping enterprises to solve complex problems, and improve working performance and output quality.

BEESOTA 6G ALLIANCE: The Alliance was founded by initiatives between SotaTek and BEE SYSTEMS (www.beeinc.vn). BEESOTA 6G Alliance (BEESTOTA 6G: Be State-of-the-art 6th Generation) focuses in research the most up-to-date technologies and bridging the old existing technologies to the new ones, to tailoring up the suitable technology solutions for vertical industries, to form a trusted Technology Supply Chain (BEESOTA TSC) for matching demand-side and supply-side globally.

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