SotaTek has teamed up with Tokensoft to bring top-tier tech expertise to our community-driven platform. 

Since 2016, SotaTek has been a trusted name, boasting collaborations with industry giants like Parity Technologies and the Cardano Foundation and harnessing the skills of over 700 engineers to deliver quality without compromise.

The comprehensive solution at Tokensoft, already a staple in distribution, fundraising, and compliance, now joins forces with SotaTek's prowess in eco-friendly, cost-effective software development. This partnership is all about enhancing Tokensoft robust ecosystem and providing their clients the opportunity to collaborate with our versatile programming capabilities – from web and app development to blockchain, AI, and ERP systems.

With this partnership, Tokensoft's clients gain an edge with software solutions crafted for excellence and efficiency. Tommy Le, Co-Founder of SotaTek, shares the enthusiasm, noting that this collaboration will offer clients innovative, sustainable, and wallet-friendly tech solutions.

Noah Walker, Head of Operations at Tokensoft, is confident that SotaTek's expertise will significantly elevate our community's digital experience and contribute to the growth of genuine digital ecosystems.

About SotaTek

SotaTek, a five-star software development company and a top Blockchain expert in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, boasts a global presence with 12 offices across Vietnam, Japan, Australia, South Korea, and the US. With over eight years of experience and a skilled team of over 1200, SotaTek specializes in a range of IT services including Blockchain, Web/App Development, CRM, IoT, and AI & Machine Learning. Their broad reach and diverse skills ensure top-notch IT services for clients globally, solidifying their status as leading IT consultants and developers in the industry.

For more information, visit https://www.sotatek.com/

About Tokensoft

Tokensoft is the leading token platform for real communities. Tokensoft offers expert support, compliance solutions, and an all-in-one technology platform. To date, Tokensoft has helped ~100 projects raise over $1 billion and run token events at-scale. Tokensoft’s clients include Avalanche, Arbitrum, Connext Network, The Graph, Moonbeam, Acala, and Synthetix.

Learn more at https://tokensoft.io.


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