From 6/4 to 8/4, SotaTek was thrilled to join the Japan IT Week Spring 2022 at Tokyo Big Sight, which is one of the most influential exhibitions in the Japanese IT industry. This must-attend show is a valuable opportunity for us and different IT companies to reach potential customers in various industries. 

SotaTek’s exhibition has caught visitors’ eyes with cutting-edge and keystone IT service showcases, including Blockchain and AI (Artificial Intelligence), electronic medical record systems for the medical industry, etc. Especially, we also introduced a large number of development achievements and demos, focusing on themes such as Cloud Management Systems.

SotaTek at Japan IT Week Spring 2022

After 7 years of establishment, with a creative, experienced, and dedicated team, SotaTek has become a trusted IT provider partner of clients from over 20 nations with 350+ high-quality projects in diverse fields such as Finance, Healthcare, Real Estate, Education,…

Through this show, SotaTek engages to bring top-notch human resources, aiming to deliver cost-effective services for Japanese clients in the journey of digital transformation.

SotaTek at Japan IT Week Spring 2022

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