On this morning (18/5/2022), SotaTek had the honor to welcome a very special guest - Mr. Sangmin Seo, Chief Klaytn Officer & Head of Klaytn Group at Krust Universe. 

Klaytn, a subsidiary of Kakao Corp, is one of Korea's top public blockchain platforms, concentrating on building Metaverse, GameFi, and the creative economy.

This is our first face-to-face encounter with a Klaytn Foundation representative; previously, all discussions and tasks were conducted online.

Project details: https://www.sotatek.com/sotatek-partners-klaytn-give-rise-to-its-ecosystem/ 

SotaTek’s Board of Directors sincerely thanks Mr. Sangmin for taking the time to visit us and discuss our ongoing project!

We wish Mr. Sangmin a successful business trip, as well as time to tour &  enjoy Vietnam's breath-taking scenery and trademark local delicacies!

Let’s keep an eye out for upcoming projects between SotaTek and Klaytn!

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