SotaTek is glad to become a trusted Technical Partner of Token Stand, to work in building and promoting a Decentralized Exchange Platform. This DEX with cutting-edge technologies is a powerful tool to stay ahead of the race and lead the DeFi market.

TokenStand DEX Platform: A Place With The Most Famous Decentralized Protocols For Your Best Profit-Making

TokenStand is a Decentralized Exchange that calculates the highest profit for cryptocurrency investors. TokenStand can be regarded as the exchange for the best profit-making in the decentralized cryptocurrency market today, with direct liquidity on the exchange of up to $250k and total liquidity collected and carefully calculated through nearly 20 exchanges amounting to nearly $20 billion.

In addition, the exchange issues its own token (STAND), enabling users to govern protocols and participate in the network’s evolution. This TokenStand token also serves as a connector utility token in the STAND Liquidity Protocol for high-efficiency routing. TokenStand, with over 200 million tokens issued and nearly 2000 holders, can become one of the most promising investment destinations in the future.

Finally, the exchange also has specific functions and plans to burn tokens, which avoids inflation that makes investors disadvantaged. A referral function is also included, allowing users to invite friends and earn rewards for doing so.

Our Development Process

Our partnership started with numerous meetings and discussions daily to come up with the best ideas and solutions for TokenStand. And we provided them with a full-cycle IT service, from analysis to development.

TokenStand is a DEX platform featuring the most cutting-edge technologies that our Blockchain developers have ever built. The first platform with DEX aggregator, a key tool for investors to save money on swaps. It helps them to check the best and most effective price for a swap, rather than manually checking. Besides, this is the first time we have integrated bridge token, referral, lottery, and even NFT jackpot. Despite these challenges, SotaTek was able to launch a stable and robust Decentralized Exchange solution.

With such success, the TokenStand project team was also honored to receive the award “Dream Team of The Year” from SotaTek BOD at The Rise 2022 event.

About SotaTek 

Sota Tek is a Software Development Company established in 2015, based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Sota Tek stands for “State-of-the-art Technology”, which shows the desire to conquer new peaks of technology. A young, responsible, and professional team with 100+ engineers who build full-stack solutions in multiple platforms with highly scalable back-ends and rich media front-ends. So far Sota Tek has developed many innovative solutions for clients around the globe in various industries such as entertainment, medical, financial services, and so on. Sota Tek has an objective to provide services at a cost-effective price as well as scalability benefits to customers around the globe.

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